Blogging, libraries, exercise, business, relationships and games - the joyful life of me

Posting my life to the world - something I'd never really considered before. I'm generally more of an introvert than anything else but research suggests that recording things can help push your motivation in things like exercise boot camps etc. So I thought, hell why not.

I suppose I should start off with an introduction for those randoms who stumble across this journal and don't know me. My name is Ashley, I've just turned 20 and I'm a librarian. I have a beautiful girlfriend of 3 years, Emma and your standard fragmented and odd, yet loving family - no doubt I'll go into more depth about them later.

How not to cook soup:

Step one - let your vegies get old enough that the only way to cook em well is to stew or soup them.

Step two - Cook your pumpkin and carrots in diced tomatoes and water, with no thickeners or flavourings. Eat the mushrooms you were going to put in the soup but they tasted so nice raw you couldn't resist - and let's face it, your soup is going to be inedible anyway.

Step three - Attempt to eat your soup.

Step four - Upon discovering your soup is pretty much inedible, leave it in the fridge for tomorrow - leftovers always taste nicer right?

Step five - reheat leftover "soup"

Step six - upon discovering it still tastes crap, add some tinned soup and enough soy sauce to drown a cat, and cook a little longer

Step seven - taste your soup. It should look, and probably taste, like dog food. Congratulations, you've improved your soup!

Lol, normally I'm a decent cook - this was just one of those frankensteinish nightmares that got worse and worse. I won't post a photo - your stomachs probably can't handle it.

On the subject of exercise, I've been doing a twice-daily routine of 20 sit-ups, 5 push-ups and half an hour walk/jog/running on the treadmill. So far it seems to be doing me good - just have to try and keep up with it.

I own my own business too ( We sell toys, games, anime etc. Keeps me plenty busy - my latest task is clearing stock off the floor so my friends can get to the couch when they come over. Latest stock is TCGs - one of my biggest vices. Whether I'll actually get around to selling them, or just keep a lot, well... who knows.

Anyway, signing out now - I have to clean my microwave. Looks like a cat in a blender.